The old adage, ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me’ is false for publishers — negative words burn us but we develop thicker skin over time to protect our hearts. At the dawn of every book released by my indie publishing company, Dark Helix Press, as the President, I brace myself for the worst, which is disparaging reviews and remarks. In donning mental armor to absorb these words, I aim to produce a better book next time.

The latest book anthology Dark Helix published is Belief, is a collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry…

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Thank you to the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, for printing my letter to the editor yesterday and allowing my voice to be heard. It was nice to drink tea and see the letter in print (yes, I still subscribe to print newspapers).

Sharing my published letter (edited down to 150 words) and my longer letter below. While scrambling to do taxes for my indie press, I am a bit down, sorry for for sounding pessimistic.

Published letter:

Re Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Gets More Money — But Can Awards Save Publishing? (Jan. 30, Arts & Pursuits): This article…

To get everyone into the holiday spirits for some merriment and laughter despite COVID-19 still lingering about, here is a podcast of me reading a story about mom cancelling Christmas after finding a severed Barbie doll head. Podcast and excerpt of text is posted below, enjoy!

The Year Christmas Got Cancelled

One year, a fake auntie (not blood related) gave my sister and I a real Barbie doll to share. We never had a real Barbie before because they cost too much. We only got the Bargain Harold’s or Woolco generic dolls. …

JF Garrard

JF Garrard is the President of Dark Helix Press, Co-President for the Canadian Authors Association’s Toronto Branch, and Deputy Editor for Ricepaper Magazine.

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